SANY STH1056A Telehandler

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 Featuring a maximum lift capacity of 10,000 pounds and a max lift height of just over 56 feet, the new STH1056A boasts a 130 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, delivering the power and performance needed to tackle a variety of jobs in different operating conditions. Fleet operators also will appreciate the service-friendly design, which includes easy fluid level checks and a side-mounted engine design that makes access to routine maintenance items convenient and simple.

The new telehandler also incorporates systems from other well-recognized and trusted brands to deliver reliable performance owners can count on, using components like the Dana VDT12000 transmission, Parker hydraulics and a Kawasaki hydraulic piston pump system. It has also been thoroughly stress tested for longevity and durability, including more than 10,000 laps around the SANY rough terrain test track while carrying a 10,000-pound load. Additionally, the STH1056A was run through over 20,000 boom cycles under full-rated load conditions, putting the lifting structure to the test to ensure its reliability for years of worry-free operation.