About Us

Portstar Machinery was founded by Ian Magee after many years working as a mobile mechanic repairing heavy machinery (as well as race cars) for a range of customers. Although working with all types of machinery, over time Port machinery became our major source of work.

As we had large companies as our customers we looked to find a high quality manufacturer to supply port machinery to the New Zealand market. After much research and many trips to China, Portstar took on the dealership for SANY. As China’s number one heavy machinery manufacturing company, SANY has a huge range of machinery available.

Once SANY came on board, Portstar experienced strong growth and the company quickly out grew its city workshop. We moved to much larger premises in Penrose that allowed us to display SANY’s product and have a much bigger mechanical workshop. The extra space also allowed us to employ a fitter welder and create a specialised area for these tasks.

Our customers include Ports of Auckland and many other large companies. We have supplied and maintain a fleet of Reach stackers at Ports of Auckland’s inland container terminal at Wiri, where the outstanding performance of these machines has been high-lighted.

Portstar has also spent time working in the Pacific islands helping the ports of the small island nations with expert technical support.

Portstar has worked in Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Niue, Australia and East Timor. We are currently working on machinery supply project for a major African port.

Our philosophy is to focus on technical support and know how, rather than putting big resources into sales and marketing. All of our people have a strong background of operating or repairing heavy machinery, so you will always be able to speak with someone who knows what they are talking about.